Diagenex AL

Real Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR System

  • Six independent temperature conto
  • Thermal compersation technology of temperature module
  • No edge effect of temperature and optics have
  • Maintenance-free long-life continuous spectral exctation source
  • Synchronous and fast acquisition of low temperatre CCD 0.15s in cold state
  • Relative quantitative hiah sensitivity 1.5 times effective discrimination
  • Fexible. open and user-friendy software platorm
  • Open reagent consumable platfomm
  • Gold team, intimate service let you have no worries about your experiment

Product Detail

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Main Applications

Basic materials research / Pathogen detection

Public health safety surveillance

Meat products adulterated

Transgenic testing / Food safety inspection

Drug development and rational drug use / Precise tumor treatment

Gene expression / Genetic screening

Genotyping / Stem cell research

Temperature control technology and innovation

On the basis of the six independent temperature control technology, using the enclosed liquid heat transfer efficiency, combined with environmental scanning monitoring requlation auxiliary infrared with heating and intelligent variable frequency system voltage, current, ensures the module heating speed, effectively prevents temperature overshoot, no edge effect and the evaporation temperature, not only saves your precious time to amplify the required temperature unifonity and the repeatability of the results achieved perfection, no matter what kind of test mode, application, it can get good data uniformity and repeatability.

Software platform

Real-time monitoring, automatic discrimination and calculation of positive and neqative results, automatic establishment of standard curve, absolute/relative quantitative, multiple quantitative, fusion curve, gene mutation, quality control graphic analysis, fluorescence correction, PCR amplification efficiency, high-resolution fusion curve (optional match), etc.

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