Medlab Middle East 2023, a perfect ending!

Medlab Middle East2024 is being held in Dubai as one of the world’s largest medical trade fairs. The scale of the event is unprecedented. It brings together companies and healthcare professionals from all over the world to showcase their latest and greatest products and medical solutions.

Aehealth, a fast-growing IVD company, also led the team at the event. Aehealth is making waves at this exhibition with its top technology and commitment to quality.
Now, let’s talk about exciting product lineup.

For all your Point of Care Testing (POCT) needs, AEHEALTH LIMITED offers the Lamuno X and Lamuno Pro. These state-of-the-art devices are designed to provide accurate and reliable test results in a matter of minutes, allowing for swift and efficient patient care. And that’s not all!2
Our HEMA line, including the AerC-3 and AerC-5, offers advanced solutions for hematology testing, ensuring precise and comprehensive blood analysis.


But wait, there’s more! AEHEALTH LIMITED also brought the latest HPLC product Laffinite II. Its ultra-high accuracy and work efficiency is applauded. At the same time attracted countless eyes.

With these innovative products, AEHEALTH LIMITED is truly pushing the boundaries of medical diagnostics and setting new standards for the industry.
Finally, Aehealth will focus on innovation, strengthen cooperation, push the boundaries of the IVD industry, and create more high-quality products!
This is the end of this trip to Dubai. Look forward to seeing you next time!

Post time: Feb-09-2024