Medlab Middle East 2023, perfect curtain call!

Medlab Middle East 2023 was successfully held on February 6-9, 2023 at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE.
Medlab Middle East has been successfully held in the MENA region for 18 years as the most respected event in the Medlab industry. Everyone from leading manufacturers to key opinion leaders comes together to shape the future of the industry.


The 22nd edition of Medlab this year brought together over 700 exhibitors and over 20,000 visitors to visit and watch the event. Industry professionals from different countries and regions gathered at this medical event to talk about the research and trends of laboratory management.
At the same time, exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions around the world gathered here to display various advanced technologies and products in the field of medical laboratories, allowing exhibitors to experience the power of innovative technology like never before.
In front of the Aeheath booth, our team’s professional attitude and warm reception left a deep impression on countless customers. The exhibitors communicated with us friendly and left too many unforgettable pictures!
Aehealth has made full preparations for this exhibition: Whether it is the display and launch of new series of products, or the convenience of booth design, it all reflects the importance and enthusiasm of the Aehealth team for this event.

As a latecomer to the in vitro diagnostic industry, Aehealth adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Do ahead of the illness”, and has always been committed to providing excellent products and services for the health and well-being of human beings.
In this exhibition: Our “Star Product” product AerC-3 made its debut in Dubai, and its high performance, high throughput and outstanding appearance once again became the focus of attention! While AerC-3 realizes whole blood and pre-diluted detection, it also realizes a high degree of automation, automatic sampling, automatic detection, and automatic troubleshooting, adding further assistance to meet the needs of laboratories!
The Lamuno series is also the “Star Product” product at the show! This series of products has attracted much attention since 2021. Among them, Lamuno X‘s powerful functions and high cost performance stand out among many products. The unique design and user-friendly functions of Lamuno Pro are full of praise.


Lamuno X


Lamuno Pro

And this year at Medlab, many customers came to communicate with our team to learn more about it.
In addition, our main product line has attracted a lot of attention! During the exhibition, customers can communicate face-to-face with salesmen to learn more about the performance and advantages of our products. Our products have also received great praise and recognition.

As an emerging enterprise in the field of IVD, Aehealth adheres to the consistent professional attitude and technical concept, and shows the innovation and sharpness from Aehealth to the world audience!
In the future, Aehelath will continue to escort the health and well-being of human beings with perfect products and professional services!

Looking forward to meeting you at the next exhibition!

Post time: Feb-16-2023