See you next time! Hospitalar! Hello! AACC!

2023 Hospitalar was successfully held on May 23-27, 2023 at the Sao Paulo Convention and Exhibition Center in Brazil.


The Hospitalar has been successfully held for 30 years in the Latin American region and is a highly regarded annual industry event. More than 1,200 exhibitors and about 100,000 professional visitors from more than 70 countries participated in the exhibition, demonstrating great confidence and enthusiasm for future-oriented healthcare technology.

Under the theme of “Advancing Intelligent Innovation for Better Healthcare”, this exhibition shwcases various advanced technologies and products in the field of medical laboratories, allowing exhibitors to experience the power of innovative technology like never before.

Aehealth showcased the latest medical solutions and medical systems to visitors.

In this exhibition: Our new product “Laffinite II“ made its debut in Sao Paulo, and its debut has received unanimous praise from customers.

It can easily switch between three detection modes, and each test can provide results within two minutes at the fastest. Compared with competing products of the same industry, the time is shortened by one-third. At the same time, it has 18 detection slots, which can be applied to various emergency situations and greatly improve the detection efficiency.

Its powerful functions and super high cost performance are full of praise.

At the same time, the 3-differentiation blood analyzer “AerC-3″, which debuted at the Dubai exhibition, also shines in this exhibit. Customers who have used it and those who saw it for the first time have high appreciation for it.


The Lamuno series is also the “Star Product” product at the show! This series of products has attracted much attention since 2021. Among them, Lamuno Plus’s powerful functions and high cost performance stand out among many products. The unique design and user-friendly functions of Lamuno Pro are full of praise.
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And this year at Hospitalar, many customers came to communicate with our team to learn more about it.
In addition, our main product line has attracted a lot of attention! During the exhibition, customers can communicate face-to-face with salesmen to learn more about the performance and advantages of our products. Our products have also received great praise and recognition.巴西.jpg

As an emerging enterprise in the field of IVD, Aehealth adheres to the consistent professional attitude and technical concept, and shows the innovation and sharpness from Aehealth to the world audience!
In the future, Aehelath will continue to escort the health and well-being of human beings with perfect products and professional services!

Looking forward to seeing you next time at the exhibition!

AACC2023 is waiting for you!

Post time: Jun-05-2023