Auto Hematology Analyzer

· 10.4 Inch touch screen

· 2 counting modes

· Automatic re-counting

· Lyse inside the analyzer, high space utilization

· 3 Calibration mothods: Manual,Calibrator,Blood

· 9 Language

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AerC-3 Auto Hematology Analyzer is a clinical test instrument with rich functions and easy operation. It can provide 21 parameters and 3 histograms. Double channel counting. During the sample analysis process, automatic blockage removal and automatic re-counting ensure accurate and stable test results. Widely used in hospital laboratories, clinical departments and research centers.

Technical Parameters

Paratmeters Precision Carry-over Linearity Range
Range CV
WBC (7.0~15.0)*109/L ≦2.0% ≦0.5% (0.0~99.9)*109/L
(4.0~6.9)*109/L ≦3.5%
RBC (3.50~6.5)*109/L ≦1.5% ≦0.5% (0.0~7)*1012/L
HGB (100~180)g/L ≦1.5% ≦0.5% (0.0~240)g/L
HGT (70.0~110.0) fL ≦1.5% / (0.0~250.0)fL
PLT (150.0~500.0)*109/L ≦4.0% ≦1% (0.0~999.0)*109/L
(100.0~149.0)*109/L ≦5.0%

Producct Advantages 

1.Advanved Parameters

  • 21 Parameters, 3 Histograms
  • Possible choice of parameter units, Several languages avaiable

2.Abnormal histogram alarm

  • If the histogram of the sample analysis result is abnormal. The machine will automatically generate a histogram alarm. Prompt R1, R2, R3, R4, Rm, Pm according to the type of exception

3.High Accuracy

  • Double channel counting, no cross-contamination between channels and low carryover rate
  • Automatically adjusting voltage of HGB blank, Auto-matically adjust alarm thresholds of clogging and bubble of counting apertures

4.Cost Efficiency

  • 2 reagent: Diluent and Lyse
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Built-in lyse, high space utilization

5.Automatic re-counting

  • Automatically re-counting after unclogging treatment while a counting hole is clogged, avoid re counting blood

6.Safety design

  • Circuit and liquid separation, safety protection
  • Convenient maintenance


图层 3
  • Soak and wash back and forth. real time monitoringmfunction of high pressure burning and automatic block-clearing

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