Lamuno Pro

Immunoassay Analyzer

  • Multi-channel
  • Indicator Light
  • High Accuracy
  • Built-in temperature control system
  • RFID Reading

Product Detail

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High accuracy

  • Incubate at a constant temperature of 25°C to ensure the accuracy of the results
  • Quality controls specifically for the Lamuno series to monitor reagent stability
  • Good correlation with CLIA method


  • 10.1-inch high-definition touch screen, simple and comfortable UI interface operation
  • Each channel has an indicator light to indicate the progress of the experiment


  • 12-channel independent operation, multi-item simultaneous detection


  • Automatic incubation, automatic detection
  • Automatically interpret the resultsand upload to the HIS/LIS system

Cartridge Tray

  • More than 60 test items
  • Barcode recognition test items
  • Support Quick test and Timing test modes
  • Get results in 3-15 minutes

More Convenient Data Transfer

  • Real-time auto-printing
  • Support external printers to print reports
  • Direct connection to LIS/HIS
  • USB port update software and transfer data

Technical Parameters

Dimensions 417mm*296mm*156mm
Weight 5.28kg
Instrument Interface USB,RS232
Printing method Thermal printer
Display Size 10.1 Inch Hd touch screen
Repeatability ≤ 3%
Accuracy ≤ 15%
Linearity ≥ 0.99
Channel consistency ≤ 3%

Technical Parameters

Lamuno Pro uses a LED as the excitation light source. The light from the LED hits a test device that has been inserted in the meter. This causes the fluorescence dye in the test device to give off energy. The more energy the fluorescent dye gives off, the stronger the signal.After a buffer-mixed sample is added to the test device, the test device is inserted into the Lamuno Pro. The meter measures the concentration of the analyte based on a pre-programmed calibration process.Lamuno Pro can only accept test devices that are designed specifically for use with this instrument

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