QueMax 32

Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

  • 10-inch Touch Screen
  • 96-well pre-packed plate
  • Precise temperature control
  • UV lamp to avoid cross-contamination


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Nucleic acid purification Quemax 32 is suitable for the extraction, accumulation and purification of Virus DNA RNA After washing and eluting the binded DNA & RNA on the magnetic beads the protein and other impurities can be removed effectively. The purified DNA &RNA can be used for clinical in vitro detection, such as PCR, GPCR, library construction, sequencing and so on.

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Highlight Features

Precise Control

Built-in android system, wireless connection to personal computer;

Stand-alone operation, providing stable automatic control system;

High Throughput

Recovery rate of magnetic beads: >99%;

Recovery rate of Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits>90%;

User Friendly

10 inch HD touch screen;

Shortcut key operation, the program has powerful editing function;


Automatic reagent matching with disposable consumables can reduce the operator's exposure to harmful reagents;

Automatic UV sterilization reminder;


lysis buffer;

In the lysis buffer, the cells are disrupted and the nucleic acid is released into the buffer;

Add magnetic beads to the buffer and mix thoroughly to make nucleic acid adsorb to the surface of the magnetic beads to the specific coating material;

Wash the surface of magnetic beads repeatedly to remove impurities such as proteins or salts;

Transfer the magnetic beads to the elution buffer, mix well, the nucleic acid will fall off the surface of the magnetic beads and dissolve into the elution buffer;

Advantages of Magnetic Bead Method

Technical Parameters

Working principle Magnetic bead method
Sample type Whole blood, Plasma, Serum, Swab, Urine, Feces, etc.
Throughput 1-32
Process Volume 30 μL-1000μL
Maanetic rod 32 pieces
Number of plate 2
Magnetic recovery rate >99%
Difference between holes CV<3%
Heating temperature range Room Temperature -125%
Operation interface 10 inch HD touch screen, can be external mouse
Program management New. Edit Save as, delete; support shortcut program
Cornecticity USB
Network Extensible Ethernet remote control. wireless Wi-Fi function
Pollution control UV light
Dimension (mm) 400, 400, 450
Weight 35Kg

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