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QueMax Pro

Nucleic acid purifification QueMax Pro is suitable for the extraction, accumulation and purifification of Virus DNA & RNA. After washing and eluting the binded DNA & RNA on the magnetic beads, the protein and other impurities can be removed effectively. The purifified DNA & RNA can be used for clinical in vitro detection, such as PCR, qPCR, library construction, sequencing and so on.

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○ Extracted rapidly, 10min50s/time;
○ Flexible use, 96 or 192 samples can be selected according to the number of samples


User Friendly

○ 10 inch HD touch screen;
○ Shortcut key operation, the program has powerful editing function;

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High Throughput

○ Recovery rate of magnetic beads: >99%;

○ Recovery rate of nucleic acid >90%;


○ Automatic reagent matching with disposable consumables can reduce the operator's exposure to harmful reagents;
○ Automatic UV sterilization reminder;


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Add magnetic beads



○ lysis buffer;

○ In the lysis buffer, the cells are disrupted and the nucleic acid is released into the buffer;

○ Add magnetic beads to the buffer and mix thoroughly to make nucleic acid adsorb to the surface of the magnetic beads to the specifific coating material;

○ Wash the surface of magnetic beads repeatedly to remove impurities such as proteins or salts;

○ Transfer the magnetic beads to the elution buffer, mix well, the nucleic acid will fall off the surface of the magnetic beads and dissolve into the elution buffer

Experimental Data

1. The detection ability of Aehealth nucleic acid extraction reagents for different samples;

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2. Extraction and testing of the same sample;

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Technical Parameters

Working principle Magnetic bead method
Sample type Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Swab, Urine, Feces, etc.
Throughput 96, 192
Magnetic rod 192 pieces
Magnetic recovery rate >99%
Difference between holes CV<3%
Heating temperature range Room Temperature~125℃
Operation interface 10 inch HD touch screen, can be external mouse
Connecticity USB
Dimension(mm) 545, 610, 510
Weight 50Kg

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