Carbohydrate antigen 199

  • Diagnostic indicators of pancreatic cancer
  • Differential indicators of cholangiocarcinoma
  • Dynamic monitoring of initial positive patients

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Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics

Detection Limit: 1.0 U/mL;

Linear Range: 1-700 U/mL;

Linear correlation coefficient R ≥0.990;

Precision: within batch C.V. is ≤15%; between batches C.V. is ≤20%;                                       

Accuracy: the relative deviation of the measurement results shall not exceed ±15% when the accuracy calibrator prepared by CA19-9 national standard or standardized accuracy calibrator are tested.

Storage And Stability

1. Store the detector buffer at 2~30℃. The buffer is stable up to 18 months.

2. Store Aehealth Ferritin Rapid Quantitative test cassette at 2~30℃, shelf life is up to 18 months.

3. Test cassette should be used within 1 hour after opening the pack.

CA 19-9 is a tumor-associated antigen that is reactive with an antibody that was produced in response to immunization with a human colon cancer cell line.CA 19-9 has also been shown to be a more sensitive and specific marker of pancreatic cancer than other serologic markers. Very little of the antigen is found in the blood of normal patients or those with benign disorders, but most patients with pancreatic cancer have elevated levels of CA19-9.

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