Monkeypox Virus Clade Typing

Real time PCR Kit for Monkeypox Virus and Central/West African Clade Typing

  • Size: 48 Tests/kit, 96 Tests/kit
  • Components with different lot numbers cannot be used together

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This kit is used for in vitro qualitative nucleic acid detection of Monkeypox Virus and the central/west African clade in Human serum, lesion exudate samples and scab specimens. Primer sets and FAM labeled probes are designed for specific detection of Monkeypox Virus, ROX labeled probe for the central African clade, CY5 labeled probe for the west African clade. Human RNase P gene extracted concurrently with the test sample provides an internal control to validate nucleic extraction procedure and reagent integrity. Probe targeting human RNase P gene is labeled with VIC.

Kit Contents

48 Tests/kit
96 Tests/kit
PCR reaction buffer
672 μL × 1 tube
672 μL × 2 tube
PCR enzyme mix
50 μL × 1 tube
100 μL × 1 tube
Positive control
100 μL × 1 tube
200 μL × 1 tube
Negative control
100 μL × 1 tube
200 μL × 1 tube

Performance Index

1. Sensitivity: 200 copies/mL.

2. Specificity: No cross reaction with Enterovirus(EV), Measles virus(MV), Rubella virus(RV), Varicella-zoster virus(VZV), Dengue virus(DenV), Human Parvovirus B19(HPVB19), Epstein-barr virus (EBv), human herpes virus 6(HHV-6)

3. Precision: CV ≤ 5%.

Applicable Instruments

Real-Time PCR System:Diagenex AL, ABI 7500, ViiATM 7, QuantStudio 5, QuantStudio 6/7 pro, QuantStudio 6/7 flex, Agilent Mx3000P/3005P, Rotor-GeneTM 6000/Q, Bio-Rad CFX96 TouchTM/iQTM 5,Hongshi SLAN -96S/96P,AGS8830, AGS4800

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